Popular Egg Cooker: Whats your Best Choice?

An Egg cooker is a kind of appliance used in boiling or poaching eggs. This maintains an even temperature in order to come out with good hard boiled eggs which stovetops may not do. Cooking eggs are made easy with the different types of egg cookers.

Eggs are not that easy to manage via a conventional way of cooking. Proper timing and the right preparation is needed so as to have good results. An egg cooker will help you do egg cooking the way you want it to. Popular models like electric and microwaveable egg cookers allow us save time and effort.

An egg cooker consists of a heating element in a base which is filled with water. The rack inside holds the eggs and at the same time the plastic cover will hold the heat. A cooker can be set in a soft, medium and hard boiled mode. A timer will then automatically tell if the egg is done. Aside from this, the thermostat will maintain it in fixed or steady temperatures, unlike ordinary pans or casseroles.

Microwave egg cookers are an automatic type of kitchen appliance that is especially made for faster egg cooking. Electric egg cookers are handy and convenient to use. One can make poached eggs with the help of this appliance.

Some egg cookers even have pouch control settings. Other models are featured with small points in their boiled egg racks so as to pierce the eggshell. It will leach out the egg's sulfur and will result to lemon yellow yolks.

Different brands may differ depending on how many eggs will fit in at the same time. Egg cookers ranges from $20 to $60 depending on its type and the materials used.
Popular Egg Cooker Models
Chef's Choice 810 Gourmet Egg Cooker $39.99
-Fit in 7 eggs.
-Eggs can be combined to cook it soft, medium or hard boiled.
-Have an electronic timer, indicator light and an on/off switch.
-Egg tray - can be lifted with one hand.
-Brushed stainless steel design.
-Comes with an egg poaching dish, egg piercer and a measuring cup.
-Dimensions: 7 by 9 by 6 inches
-Weight: 2.8 pounds

West Bend 86628 Automatic Egg Cooker Price: $24.95
-Holds 7 eggs
-Heat-resistant base.
-Have a clear cover, egg piercer and a measuring cup.
-One touch button setting.
-1 year warranty
-Dimensions: 8.4 by 8.3 by 7 inches
-Weight: 2.7 pounds

Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker $29.99
-Smooth and brushed stainless steel lid.
-Cooks up to 7 eggs. Can be poached, medium or hard boiled.
-Holds 3 eggs in a poaching tray.
-Includes an egg holder, piercing pin and beaker.
-With indicator light and automatic shut off.

Henrietta Egg Cooker and Poacher $19.99
-Boils up to seven eggs and poaches up to four.
-Henrietta chirps when eggs are cooked.
-An excellent gourmet gift.
-Power: 120 volts, 425 watts
-90-day warranty

Krups 230-70 Egg Express Egg Cooker $18.99
-7 eggs fits in
-Has a dual switch for boiling and keeping warm.
-End cooking timer
-Indicator for water level.
-Includes an egg piercer.

Oster 4716 Egg Cooker $49.95
-Cooks 8 soft, medium, hard flawless eggs.
-Poaches up to 4 eggs.
-With non-stain and non-stick surface.
-Cleans easily.
-Shut off automatically when ready.

Maverick Black Egg Cooker/Egg Poachers $36.89
-Inner tray for 7 eggs, second tray for poaching 4 eggs.
-Stainless steel with plastic base, on/off button, auto shut-off with ready indicator.
-Includes a measuring cup.
-Power: 400 watts
-Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 ? in.

These egg cookers are very useful, especially when boiling lots of eggs. It saves time and energy. Most people who are into buying electric egg cookers need the extra budget in order to satisfy their egg fantasy.

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