Tasty Vegan Muffin Recipes

Non vegans usually think of vegan baked goods as terrible, hard, and dry, definitely not enjoyable. But any vegan baker can tell you that vegan baked goods can be fluffy, moist and delicious when the right ingredients are used.

One great vegan baked good sure to please your family are vegan muffins. There are many different options for vegan muffin recipes if you would like to make your own. A great place to begin is with vegan cookbooks.

For those of you that enjoy finding recipes online, there are many different vegan muffin recipes available online. You can turn to traditional cooking websites, or look for more specialized vegan tips in forums.

Transforming Recipes

If you already have a recipe in mind, and would like to use it as the basis for your vegan muffin recipe, it is an easy change to make. You can use online conversion charts, easily found on vegan websites or forums.

Dairy Substitutes

If you are creating a new vegan muffin recipe using an old recipe, there are several great options to replace eggs. Either a quarter of a cup of apple sauce or half of a mashed banana can be used in place of one egg.

When you are using your vegan muffin recipes, you will notice what a wonderfully light and healthy muffin you are creating. And those you share them with will be stunned when they find out that they’re vegan.

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