What Is Organic Food And Why Use It

When many consumers hear about organic farming they may question what is organic food and why does it cost so much. They may consider the typically higher cost and determine the extra expense is not worth the benefits they perceive that is available with eating organic products. However, when looking at the benefits of using only what is organic food you have to look beyond the rice cakes and organic vegetables and consider the use of organic products to be a lifestyle change as well as a health and environmental advantage.

When trying to determine what is organic food, essentially it involves any food product that is grown in organically certified land without the use of any chemical treatments, either in fertilizers or in pesticides. Anything that is put on the ground or on the plants has to be from a natural source, without any type of chemical additives, even inadvertent additions. Since the lack of chemical fertilizer often reduces the yield of a field, the laws of supply and demand add to the costs, but so does insuring there is nothing unnatural being used in growing what is organic food.

Growers have used chemical fertilizers and pesticides for many years. This was because the cost was low financially, and they boosted the growth of the crops. Chemical pesticides have been regularly utilized to keep insects away, with no regard to what is organic food and with even less regard for the surrounding water supplies.

Keeping Mother Nature Healthy

Prior to the development of chemical products to help provide the world's food supplies, farmers and other food producers had to rely on the natural products available, without any notion at all about what is organic food and why it is good for them. After many years of using these chemicals, people are understanding why they need to use less of them not only for their health but also for the health of the planet.

Consider an untouched forest in which leaves fall to the ground and slowly degrade into natural fertilizer to help the growth of other trees. Natural predators keep insect pests from destroying the new growths and without any interference, the growth continues. This could be a good picture at what is organic food and how the cycle of returning everything to the Earth can help provide healthier food as well as a healthier planet.

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