Can You Afford To Live On Organic Food?

This question pops up in the minds of many people when thinking of organic food. Each one of us really loves organic food, and those who understand the value of consuming organic food, really want to shift totally to consuming only organic foods. However, is it viably economically to consume only organic food? The answer is definitely a big YES. There are many ways for us to live on only eating organic food and we can still maintain a very healthy lifestyle. After all there are organic fruits as well as organic meats that we can eat. There are also of course organic luxury foods just for the people that do get temptations to go back to the non-organic foods.

Grow your food. For this, let us look at the meaning of organic food. Organic food is food that is grown without the help of any outside applied chemical and/or genetically engineered. This can be anything animals (for meat), milk (for milk products), fruits and vegetables. Hence, anyone anywhere can have their own kitchen garden and if you have he inclination and space even start raising chickens, etc. With a good patch of kitchen gardening (not bigger than 8x10) one can very easily get vegetables and fruits all year round without any problems at all. However with meat it can be obtained from someone who raises animals organically, or from the market for organic foods. But then your expense sheet would have already come down a few notches. For eggs, keeping a few chickens at home can really be extremely useful both for eggs as well for making more chickens for yourself.

Buy in bulk. Whenever you want anything, and that stands for other things as well as (other than organic food) buying in bulk can create a great amount of savings. You can buy for the whole month or better still a quarter whatever is non-perishable) and conserve it with natural preservatives. Fruits can be put into compotes, jams, etc, meat can be conserved as pickle or smoked, and vegetables can be sun or machine dehydrated and stored for further use.

Cook with home made ingredients. Many of the condiments and ready-made things that we take for granted are full of additives; in order to avoid indirect hits, you will need to learn to cook right from scratch at home. This can be difficult and time taking, but once you fall into the right pattern you can do bulk; but by adding this extra effort you are assured that there is no adulteration in your or your children's food.

Buy from source. Try to identify the source from the people and buy their organic food at source; most likely you can identify such a place and by buying in bulk here it will be extremely rewarding.

Search the net for free deals, discounts and coupon that are issued by various organic stores and sent to your email id. By using these coupons, etc you will be able to buy good quality items at half the price which is simply great.

Organic cooperative. Organize or join an organic cooperative and see that all members profit from the idea, from the scope and from the marketability for the organic food.

These are some of the ways you can ensure that eating healthy is not sky-rocketing and blowing a hole in your pocket every time you go to the market. Organic food is exceptional and it is worthy to spend a little time and/or money to ensure a reasonable life style, with no worry about the possible chemical-induced diseases. Organic food is expensive, but it can be brought around to be pretty reasonable with the above measures depending upon your need and capacity.

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