Why People Fail At Their Diets

Failing at a diet is much more commonplace than succeeding at one. If you are like most people you have known your share of failure in dieting. People find they lose self control when it comes to dieting. They can have self control in all areas of their lives, except this one area. Mind you, a lot of it is spoken before a diet is ever started.

The question isn't will you fail at this diet, but why you fail at any diet. The answer is simple, feeling deprived. Or to put it another way, being told you can't have something. Or being told something is bad for you.

Let's stop for a moment and look at these things.

Feeling deprived.

It is easy to feel deprived of something when you can't get it. It might not be something you really enjoy, but not being allowed it suddenly you want it all the time. You suddenly see people everywhere eating it. You see television commercials about it, all the time. Has this item become the fashionable food item, or did you sub consciousness suddenly realize, and now it is seeing it for the first time?

You can't have it.

Look no further than a child being told not to touch. They slowly move closer to it, hoping you didn't spot them moving, and then a quick finger to see what happens. Look at adults, when you put a sign wet paint. The try and touch it to see if it really is wet, without looking like they are touching it. They become children again, wanting to do what they have been told not to do.

As soon as you are told no more chocolate, you will try all ways to sneak it in, without anyone realizing you are doing it.

It is bad for you.

Who suddenly decided that a certain food is bad for you? Now this is where you have to be careful, because some foods are very bad for you especially if eaten in large quantities. But think about a lot of diets today. Some say no meat, say some all meat, some say no red vegetables, and some say no carbohydrate. If you take the banned products from the top 50 diets you would be left with nothing to eat. Each diet is based on certain foods, and while they might be an element of truth in what they say, food eaten in small amounts won't be harmful.

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