How to Prepare Healthy Food

I was recently asked this question:

"In a society where we are so pressed for time, finding quick meals, particularly breakfast meals that are good for you is a problem. What can I do?"

My answer:

Interesting. I have found that healthy meals are the easiest and simplest to find...

A can of tuna takes less than 30 seconds to open. Egg whites take 5 minutes to boil. Some protein powder takes only 1 minute to mix with water. Non-fat milk or soy milk takes less than 30 seconds to pour in a glass. Washing an apple and having it ready to eat takes 15 seconds. Slicing up a tomato takes less than 1 minute as well. And remember that you can still eat what you have already cooked for lunch - just try to eat more of the "good" parts and less of the "bad" parts.

Also, I'm not going to advertise any nutritional supplement companies but you may want to use a meal replacement powder (they come in packets that you can take with you wherever you go). Supplements are not necessary but I'd rather see you use them than eating junk food.

Another tip you can use is to cook an entire week's worth of food on a day when you are not busy (say during the weekend). Then, you can put the foods in individual containers and freeze it. When you want to eat, just put the food in the microwave oven and within a few minutes you can have "normal food" that tastes good, is satisfying AND is good for you.

If you need to take a break during your work hours in order to eat, make sure that you have access to "good food". If there are no "good" versions of food available at work, you may want to have with you some food that you will have prepared from home...

I have found that most people have no real trouble finding the time to eat properly (as I mentioned above, it's easy when you know how). But above all, this is a matter of mental perspective. Many think that eating healthily is time-consuming or "tough". They heard this somewhere and now they just play this tape in their heads over and over again as an excuse to never start a weight loss program.

Losing weight is like magic. A magic trick isn't that hard to perform, if you know how. People are amazed by magic. But, if you show them how to perform it, many are going to say "oh, that was such a stupid trick - anyone can do this".

Losing weight is the same. Most of the things needed to do it are simple and common sense. But don't let that fool you. You can see the impact that knowing how to manage your weight has. Everybody admires someone who is "lean and mean."

So, stop giving yourself excuses - finding healthy food to eat is EASY s long as you are willing to plan a little in advance and change your mental perspective...

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