Go Low Carb

Diets come and go, but the ones that succeed the most share this trait: they're low carb (as well as protein rich).
Carb-rich foods are either complex: pasta, rice, bread, cereals, and potatoes or simple: sugar, fruit juices and soft drinks, pastries, and cakes.
Low carb diets work best. Here's why:
Protein and fat (which combined make up the bulk of your caloric intake since you're restricting carb) satisfy hunger better than protein and carbs. If you're less hungry, you:
- Eat less
- Are more likely to stick to the diet.
Tons of studies have been published on diets, but recently many conclude that low carb is best.
List all the food you've eaten today. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Circle the ones that are carb-rich (check nutrition facts or online). Next to each, write down a low carb alternative. Now fold the list, and put it in your pocket. Next time you're hungry, unfold it, and chose a low-carb alternative.
Change requires more than good will. Make your environment low carb friendly: check the fridge and shelves for carb rich foods. Identify a low carb alternative for each. You'll find a comprehensive file on About.com. Make a shopping list, and GO BUY THEM RIGHT NOW. Replace your carb-rich foods with the low carb alternatives. Either throw away or donate it: it's only hindering you. You're in control now. Starting today, when you buy groceries, go low carb. If there's none home, you're sure to eat less.

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