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Taking vitamins and supplements by pill has long been advocated by doctors and nutritionists in the health world - particularly in the realm of natural or holistic health. Unfortunately, many people take the wrong approach to ensuring their body gets the vitamins and nutrients it needs. What many don't realize is that the human body works best when digesting whole foods that include all the important vitamins - not just the vitamin itself. Thankfully, whole food vitamins and supplements can provide a healthier and better way!

When reading that Vitamin C found in many citrus fruits and vegetables helps to boost the immune system, you might be tempted to rush out and buy the latest Vitamin C tablet at a local discount or drug store. But when taking Vitamin C as an isolated vitamin, your body is missing out on a more complex source of nutrition that is produced only through consuming whole foods. In other words, it's not just the Vitamin C that contributes to a boost in your immune system or other health benefits; it's the entire process of eating and digesting whole foods. This process can only be matched by taking whole food vitamins and supplements.

What are Whole Food Vitamins?

Whole food vitamins are just the opposite of synthetic isolated vitamins. They are high-density concentrates of real whole foods processed by drying the whole foods and turning them into a powder form, which is then encapsulated so we can take the food as a pill. Whole food supplements contain all the cofactors and micronutrients found in whole foods, thereby providing a more complex source of nutrition than the vitamin supplements created in a lab.

With more than 25,000 different micronutrients, or cofactors, being contained in whole fruits and vegetables, it's no wonder citizens in our Western society find it difficult to consume the number of nutrients needed for optimal health. And synthetic vitamin supplements simply don't meet the complex nutritional needs of the body as do whole foods. By consuming whole food vitamins, you are getting the vitamins your body needs and providing an easy way for your body to process these vitamins. In a world of fast food and processed meals, these can be a lifesaver!

The Creation Process Makes a Difference

Whole food vitamins and supplements are produced through a unique process of culturing and fermentation, which makes the nutrients more easily digestible. This process also creates even more nutrients, probiotics, and enzymes to benefit the body. Many isolated vitamin supplements or synthetic vitamins actually pull nutrients from the body while being processed. These may also cause your body to store unprocessed nutrients that cannot be absorbed properly (sometimes at toxic levels), or the unprocessed nutrients may simply be passed out of the body unused.

Because whole food vitamins are actually whole foods, the body absorbs and digests them as real food. You can even take whole food supplements on an empty stomach!

Some reliable brand names to look for when shopping for whole food vitamins or organic vitamins include Garden of Life, Every Man, Every Woman, and New Chapter. Garden of Life has also released a completely raw, 100 percent active (cultured) vegan vitamin called Vitamin Code. These and many other whole food organic vitamins and supplements are readily available on the Web so you can get started right away to give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal health!

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