Diet To Lower Cholesterol: An Explanation On What Is Cholesterol

Many people understand that cholesterol is either bad for you or good but beyond that, they do not understand just exactly what is cholesterol. Doctors will give you a long explanation which only they can comprehend but cholesterol can be simplified in one statement. Cholesterol is a waxy material that the liver fabricates which is carries out a number of responsibilities for the health of our bodies.

As we consume foods in our daily diet, our liver takes portions of it and turns it into cholesterol which has an important job which is to building cell walls, producing vitamin D, and to create bile salts which help digest that fat we consume. So why would we worry about consuming too much cholesterol? Essentially because anything we produce in large quantities is bad for us. If we can be aware of just what is cholesterol, then we can learn to watch what we eat on a daily basis.

The Good Cholesterol And The Bad Cholesterol

If we understand which foods produce the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol, then we will be able to monitor our cholesterol level more readily and keep it at a good level for our heath. Foods that have the bad cholesterol are items that have animal fats like meats and dairy products. Foods that have the good cholesterol are items such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

When we eat foods that have too much bad cholesterol it can cause some major damage such as the hardening of our arteries. This occurs when too much bad cholesterol is in our system because it builds up plaque which blocks the arteries and prevents blood flow.

Good cholesterol behaves very differently than bad cholesterol because its main goal to keep our bodies healthy. What the good cholesterol does is carry the surplus of cholesterol we have in our bodies to the liver so it can create bile salt and expel it from our system.

What Can Cause Us To Get High Cholesterol?

When we ask our doctor about our cholesterol level, it is usually because we are worried about having a high cholesterol level. Having a high cholesterol level can be caused for many different reasons but the main cause is age. You see, our cholesterol level goes up as we get older.

There are many possible reasons that we have high cholesterol levels in our body. One reason may be hereditary. If this is the cause then you need to consult your doctor and get tested to determine if you also have high cholesterol. Another reason is physical activity. The more we exercise, the higher the levels of the good cholesterol will get within our system.

When we study the cures and causes of having a high cholesterol, we will often find that the people who have a high cholesterol do so by eating the wrong foods. If we eat foods like meat and dairy products, then we will have a higher level of cholesterol within our body. If we try and eat more of foods like fruit, beans, fish, vegetables, and fiber, then we will have a higher amount of good cholesterol within our body which will give us a healthier body.

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