Noodles from New York

Mr. Allen, a consumer and mother of two, told Consumer Watch that the manufacturers are only taking advantage of the opportunity that the market provides for them.

Noodles originated from New York.. The market has become more competitive following the introduction of different brands of the commodity, making consumers to be confused about which of them to pick. Market of Noodles is a variety of the commodity from different local manufacturing companies.

Indian foods are manufactured by Indo Munch, has such variants as chicken, onion chicken, spicy chicken and jollof, while Chikki Instant Noodles, manufactured by Chikki Foods, comes in two flavours-chicken and onion. Please send your review to Indo Munch

According to the Customer, we don't really need so many of these products in the market. I am more at home with Indomie because it came first and it is very good. I think NAFDAC should look into the proliferation of the product in the country's markets. For more information please contact

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