A Brief Look At Mexican Food History

Briefly examining the extraordinary world of Mexican food history can be traced back to 1521 when the Spaniards first reached the shores of the might Yucatan. After nearly three centuries of Spaniard rule, and thanks to Miguel Hidalgo shouting his grito: "Mexicanos! Viva Mexico! Viva la Independencia!" the cuisine we know today was as different as the culture of this country compromised of a free people.

Intermarriage between the mestizos and the Spanish from centuries past had left a new people with a proud new heritage. Just as there was a melding, or mestizaje, of cultures, this melding also affected the diet and foods of these newly freed people. This is where we start when we investigate the Mexican food history within the Americas.

Corn had been a staple for over 4,000 years, and this was a tradition that continued. The climate was perfect for growing and harvesting a healthy array of corns. Once softened in lime and water, the softened kernels could then be ground into the base of the diet – tortillas. Add in the wonderful beans rich in proteins and the array of chilies found in the warm climate, and the cultural phenomenon we appreciate today was born.

One important concept that makes this such a good choice for people is the fact that the foods are natural healthy and delicious. Whether appreciating stews, soups, or salsas, the meals are filled with fruits such as tomatoes, mangos, coconuts, or papayas. In addition, dried and fresh chilies such as the mildly refreshing chipotle or even the intensely fiery habanera. Even the small beans used in making refried beans are healthy and taste absolutely delicious.

Even the region of Mexico a person would happen to visit will have popular favorites!

Yucatan is more a fruit based relief over the often spicily intense chilies found in other regions. Mellow fruits and pork or chicken are a staple offering a sweetish change for this rich culture. Visit the once proud Chichen Itza with a meal of sweet meats baked in the succulent banana leaf for a vacation of a lifetime mingling cultures of yesteryear with today.

Veracruz is one of the busy port towns in the beautiful Mexico. You will find a wide array of fish dishes all topped with sauces of capers, chilies, tomatoes, and olives. Finding more exotic fruit such as cherimoya or mamey is going to offer a tantalizing taste of cultural history. Of course, while visiting the shores of Veracruz, you have to try a cup of locally grown coffee and a fish taco. You will never look at this delectable cuisine the same again.

Puebla offers a combination of chocolate, spice, and everything nice. Only a short trip south of Mexico City, this is the home of the mole sauce. Offered to visiting dignitaries, this is a sauce you have to experience, not taste. Enjoy local history with freshly made foods that will leave you wanting more.

When it comes to Mexican food history, you will find a mingling of past, present, and future. Each delicious dish offers a healthy look at a culture rich in history and always changing.

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