Shrimp And Grits - Traditional Southern Comfort Food

When thinking about the South often images of shrimp and grit are thought of. The states that border the Gulf of Mexico; Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana; are the states that often are thought of. Florida and Texas have their own identity associated with them; Texas images include oil and cattle, and Florida is often identified with retirees and spring break.
Shrimp with grits is a pretty simple dish with lots of flavor. But it's not just a matter of cooking up the grits and cooking shrimp and just mixing them together. Actually grits are a very versatile food. And they can be used in a variety of recipes, both sweet and savory. Or you can enjoy them on their own as a side dish.
In shrimp and grits, the best way of setting up your grits is to match them up with what you plan on doing with your shrimp. For example, let's say we wanted some spicy garlic shrimp with fresh garlic and fine-diced onions and peppers. Because the grits take much longer to cook, we start with those.
It's perfectly fine to use plain water to boil the grits, but it's not very creative, now is it? Using a chicken broth that is low in salt, or a mixture of vegetable broth and broth that was made by boiling shrimp peels and water in a pan for few minutes will add a delightful burst of flavor. After the grits start to simmer, it's time to get started with the shrimp. Don't forget to stir the grits every so often, though.
Shrimp and grits are delicious and easy to prepare. Just start with a diced onion, peppers, and some dried spices. Saute the onion and pepper in a pan of melted butter over medium heat. Continue to stir them and when the onions are tender add the garlic. Set this mix aside until the grits are cooked. You will want to add some cream to the grits. Now it's time to cook the shrimp. Over high heat, cook the shrimp with some lemon zest until they are pink in color. Remove from the heat and add the chopped parsley and lemon juice. When the shrimp is done serve it over the grits for a delicious meal.
Yes, you've heard it a million times, but the next step is to add salt, black pepper, and just the right amount of other spices. Preferred seasonings for this recipe are ginger, cayenne, dill, and parsley. Go ahead and try out your own versions, but keep in mind that shrimp and grits have delicate flavors and while they blend well with many other ingredients, their taste can get lost if they are buried under an excess of other stronger flavors.

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When you think about shrimp and grits (, you think about the south, in particular, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It's fairly easy to prepare shrimp with grits. First you make the grits and the shrimp and then at serving time you blend them. When cooking shrimp & grits (, it's a good idea to cook the grits based on your plans with the shrimp.