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Why not to look for a good quality salad cutlery while preparing your desired salad. Your choice of a quality salad knife will for sure enrich your experience of preparing a scrumptious salad for your family. Choosing a quality salad knife depends on your needs (basically a lettuce knife will boast to cut both vegetable and lettuce but instead opting for a stainless steel knife would prove to be a better choice). Choice of this cutlery item also depends on your expertise level. Wise is to choose one which comes with a broad handle for good grip.

No! It's not a bad idea to stuff your kitchen with a variety of kitchen and salad knives, it will only help you to choose a right one for a particular requirement and thus will help you to rightly maneuver through the cutting, slicing and chopping. But there are some important aspects of choosing a salad knife from the available wide range (to avoid the cluttering in your kitchen). It is very important to compare on weight, handle grip or design, durability and price. Basically a light-weight and perfectly balanced salad knife would be a great way to start with. The handle is no problem if it is having a good soft grip which won?t slip away from your hand. This is a typical problem with some of the salad knives especially when they are wet. Well if you are right hander you wont face any problem in choosing a firm grip but if you are a left hander take extra care while choosing knives with good grip (don?t worry many of them can be ordered for this kind of grip).

The next big thing in a salad knife (read in any knife) is the blade. Ensure that the blade is made up of good quality stainless steel (carbon or molybdenum/vanadium). This retains the sharpness of the blade for a time to come and avoids chipping of the blade on high use. The small groves (or dimples) on the knife blade is helpful in two ways. One it gives a sharp cutting edge to the knife and secondly it creates an air pocket between the blade and the food for real effortless slicing or chopping. And now these features should be compared with the price in which it's being offered to you.

Now when you are a proud owner of a good quality salad knife, to use it in the optimum level (it extends knives life as well) is in your hands. Do not put the salad knives in the dishwasher, instead wash them in the sink and wipe them clean (it is more convenient that way). While chopping the food or vegetable do it on the cutting board instead of any other surface, it will protect the sharpness of the cutting edge. Store the salad knives in the knives holder than storing them in the drawer (putting your hand abruptly in the drawer to grab a knife can hurt).

Believe me a good cutting knife can add fun to the entire process of salad preparation. Ensure to have one.

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