Pavalova Dessert Recipe

Recipe When Visitors Turn Up Unexpectedly

Your just about to start lunch when family arrive. Argh! Ok don’t panic, there are enough vegetables and with a push you can stretch out the pork.

But what are you going to do for sweets?

Canned fruit and ice-cream – boring. Ice-cream and topping – more boring.

What you need is something that is uncomplicated and very quick to put together.

What if I said make a Microwave Pavalova Roll.

Those of you who have cooked one before, will think I’ve gone looney because it typically needs a long, slow oven and takes nearly two hours to cook. But how about a 3 minute version.

For the uninitiated to the world of Pavalova – you don’t know what your missing out on. Traditionally the Pavalova is a rounded large dessert with a crusty meringue type casing and a soft marshmallow type inside. When prepared and cooled it is decorated with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

It’s a delicious sweet desert invented in New Zealand and Australia to celebrate a visit from a visiting Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavalova.

Anyway, this recipe results in the sweet marshmellowy (is that a word) flat round that you cover in fruit and cream and then roll up. It lookstremendous
and tastes scrumptious. We made it on the weekend and it is so fast and painless.

Here it is, give it a try and we are sure you will add it to your collection of recipes.

¼ cup hazelnut meal or crushed nuts or cinnamon sugar
4 eggs separated, discard yolks
¾ cup of castor (superfine) sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar, white
1 teaspoon vanilla

Take out the glass turntable from your microwave. Cut a piece of baking paper to the size of your microwave turntable. Put the baking paper on the turntable. Dust with the meal or nuts to create an even coverage – this is to stop the pav from sticking.

Beat the egg whites till fluffy. Add the other ingredients and whip till firm peaks form.

Spoon the egg mixture onto the baking paper in blobs. Then very carefully with the back of your spoon level each blob out. It does not have to be perfect but mainly level.

Now put in the microwave on high for 3 minutes. Open door and allow to cool. Once cooled, top with a thick layer of whipped cream and fruit (use whatever you like – strawberries).

Start at one edge and careful roll up into a roll.

Serve everyone a slice and offer extra fruit and cream.

Enjoy Cooking This Recipe

Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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