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Just what is a copycat restaurant recipe? Copycat stole a rat … remember that old saying. Well copycat recipes are not exactly stealing, but they could really keep restaurants wondering if they had suffered from industrial espionage.

Just about all of us have a favourite item on a restaurant menu. We have all wondered how they got that magnificent taste just right? What was inside? Have you ever tried writing to your favourite restaurant’s head office and asking for the recipe to your favourite dish? Got a reply didn’t you? If you did you are very lucky indeed! As restaurants are not in the habit of publishing their recipes we have to rely on a different source for our information.

As you can imagine if something tasty is on a menu, someone somewhere would have figured a way to copy it and create a "copycat restaurant recipe". There are people out there who are just marvellous at figuring out how to recreate their favourite restaurant item. These people are the copycat restaurant recipe creators. You could of course do it all yourself but why bother when someone else has already cracked the code so to speak.

Once somebody has cracked the secret of the restaurant recipe it starts to spread like wildfire especially in today’s world, it being the age of information. These copycat restaurant recipes appear in e-books, websites, emails and all manner of modern communication forms. All you need to do is get your hands on your favourite recipe and enjoy it on demand.

Bear in mind that copycat recipes by there very nature will look and taste very similar to the real thing, but may not have the exact ingredients used by the restaurant. It’s just like the "tastes like real coke" brands.

The following are just some of the restaurants that have been committed to the copycat restaurant recipe hall of fame: Red Lobster, Chili’s, Appelbee’s, Olive Garden, Outback, TGI Fridays … to name just a few.

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