Hamburger Month: Crown Minced Beef as Hamburger

I just found a very interesting question put forth by Kansas Beef Council. I could not answer that. Do you know, 'how many quarter-pound hamburgers come from the ground beef of a 1,000 pound steer (from just the normal beef ground into ground beef)?' Well, what confused was that was it a brain-teaser or was it a real question that would deserve a solid good answer. Instead of researching out on this I could say that I was really feeling hungry. You are in the right page if you are hungry too. Sounds a bit crazy?' Yes... May is National Hamburger Month and there's no better way to celebrate the National Hamburger Month than to read out this Hamburger Month article and get yourself groomed for grilling the burger of the month.

If you are ready to make the burger of the month – just wait. No point sitting back on your couch before the television and enjoying the burger of the month alone. That is not the way to celebrate national burger month. Call over your peeps plan for a grand get together and just make this national hamburger month a perfect blast.

Find some cool tips to make your hamburger tastier.

Thaw the beef slowly in the refrigerator. Refrigeration is the only way you can ensure safety and preserve the quality of the beef. This prevents bacterial growth and loss of moisture.

Make sure that the beef should be thawed completely. Otherwise it may look done on the surface but may be still uncooked properly.

Gently cut it into desired shape. Be careful – do not over-handle it while shaping it.

Grill the stuff for 10 to 15 minutes, turning once in the course of time.

Pressing it may result in loss of moisture. So avoid it.

Make sure that the ground beef should reach 160 degrees at least. Use a food thermometer to measure the temperature.
These are the steps to be followed to make your hamburger tastier. So try these out to make your burger of the month your yummiest recipe of the year. Give the national burger month a special touch of celebration!

It is actually not clearly known who started this Hamburger Month or how it all started exactly. There is actually no such official proclamation of the what is known as Hamburger Month... no solid information about the inaugural year of this event. But the very idea seems to have taken a good grip not only in America but in few other parts of the globe too. This is probably because it is a subject that we – the food-loving Americans are tremendously passionate about. With this I am reminded of something that suits the best with our topic of discussion:

"It is the Americans who have managed to crown minced beef as hamburger, and to send it round the world so that even the fussy French have taken to le boeuf hache, le hambourgaire," said Julia Child.

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