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There are many effective methods in storing herbs in which Some may work well than another. Anyway, It is also a matter of individual preference. We are to discuss the various alternative available.

The first method which many people find very simple is freezing. There are two ways to freeze herbs. You can collect the fresh leaves and put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. When the leaves have been frozen completely, just place them in a storage bag, label the bag with the date and contents, and stick it back in the freezer. Just do not expect the herbs to act or look like fresh when you thaw them. They will still be good for cooking.

Besides that, another way to freeze the fresh herbs is one of my favorites. Fill an ice cube tray with the chopped leaves from the herb plant you desire. Fill the tray with water and freeze. When the ice cubes have completely frozen, separate them and put them into freezer bags which you have labeled. You can then take them out of the freezer one cube at a time to add to stews, soups, and other dishes.

I will say that you can store dried herbs in the freezer as well. This can keep them from becoming rancid from being stored too long. This is a good precautionary method in case you did not let the herbs dry long enough.

There are times when you think the herbs are dry but you find later they are mildewing in the jars. This means moisture still existed in the leaves. When you freeze the dried herbs, if there is any moisture, it will not affect the herbs.

Many times you will find it is easy to store dried herbs in containers. The best container is one which does not let in light. You can find many apothecary jars with tight fitting lids or even rubber seals. These are the perfect storage containers. With a dark colored jar or bottle the light cannot get to the herbs. Making sure the lid seals properly assures no air can get into the herbs, as well.

One of the alternative that are preferred by people is by storing herbs in oil, it is preferred as it preserved the flavor. Not to worry too much as the herbs are good as long as the oil is fresh. It is important to make sure the leaves are dry before insert the herb into jar filled with oil. This will definitely preseve its flavor.

After six months or so once the oil become bad or not fit for storing herbs, its time to disposed of the herbs. However, you can use the herbal oil which is great for cooking.

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