Planters - Perfect For Herbs In The Kitchen Window

If you've ever watched any of the TV cooking shows, you have likely been green with envy over the fresh green herbs they are always using in their recipes. They looked hand picked, and probably taste a lot better than anything you are going to pick up at the store. You would love to have those kinds of herbs, but condo or apartment-life has left you without a backyard to cultivate. Instead of sobbing in your canisters of dried herbs, use the space you have to create your own herb garden.

You may be wondering what space? Look around. Unless you are hiding in a basement, you likely have a window or two available. Couple that sunlight with a few supplies and you will have a mini-garden.

You are going to need 3 miniature planters with handles. Most garden centers have planters that look like small tin buckets. Those will do the job. You will also need 3 herb plants (or seeds), some rope (strong enough to hold the planters once they are filled with dirt and plants, and two metal hooks.

First, you may as well set up the planters. In each of the planters put your potting soil and either herb seeds or the small plants.

Next you will need to measure down 9-12 inches from the top of your window on each side. There is some flexibility in this since some windows are taller than others, and you may need to adjust the height. The space you choose will be where the rope line is going to hang, holding your planters. Once you have marked equal measurements on each side of the window, put in one of the cup hooks.

Now, take one end of the rope and tie a knotted loop in it. This loop should be small, but large enough to be hooked onto the cup hook. You should then hold the rope across the window and see where the loop on the other end needs to be. Tie the loop and hang the rope to make sure it looks right. It should be taught but not tight.

Unhook one end of the rope and string your planters on it. Then replace it on the hook. Once you space out the plants, your mini-herb garden is ready to go.

For extra security, you may want to use metal clips or clothesline clips to hold each of the planters in its place on the rope, as they are inclined to slide a little bit.

If you want to do a little more to dress up the window, and grow a few more herbs, you can also add a couple of pretty planters, stocked with herbs, to the window sill. These planters can have taller herbs growing up to frame the window and draw eyes to the hanging planters.

Unlike other plants, remembering to water these herbs in planters will not be difficult. Each time you go to the sink, they will be right in front of you as a visual reminder and before you know it you'll be cooking with fresh herbs just like on TV.

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