Patharchur (Coleus) Fry

Coleus is known as Pashan Bhed in ancient Sanskrit language and as Patharchur in the Hindi language. Other local names as Garmai(Gujrati), Makandiberu(Kannada) and Marundu Kurkan(Tamil) are also well known. The thick and juicy leaves of this medicinal plant has been savored for ages in the Mithila region. It is quite hardy plant and can be easily grown in pots at home requiring little or no upkeep. The leaves are bigger and juicier in sandy soil and warm climate. The leaves are said to cure intestinal disorders. The strong aroma of the plant leaves the surrounding refreshing. The leaves have a latent sour taste and appreciated by only the connoisseurs.

Material Required (Serving 2-3 persons)

Young Leaves of Pathrachur - 18-20
Raw Rice - 3-4 tablespoonfuls
Salt - 1 pinch
Turmeric - 1 pinch
Refined Vegetable Oil - 50 Gms

Preparation Steps: Soak raw rice in water and leave it overnight.

Traditionally this rice was converted to paste form using a hand grinder but in modern days an electrical mixer can be used.

Add salt to taste. Add turmeric and mix properly.
Place a frying pan on stove and let it warm. Pour refined vegetable oil and let it warm.
Take 2 leaves together and dip it fully in the rice paste.
Place the leaves coated with rice paste in oil and let it fry.
Let is fry for 4-5 minutes and drain the oil.
Repeat the same for the remaining leaves and the crip fried pathrchur leaves are ready for dinner.

Things to Take Care of:

Pick patharchur leaves closer from the root to ensure only the young leaves are processed
Make the rice paste just enough thick so that it is less problematic in frying.
Let the extra rice paste drip before frying the leaves in oil.

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