Growing Peppers - Different Types of Peppers

Peppers are an extremely popular plant to grow indoors or outdoors anywhere in the world whether you're in a hot or a cold climate, there is always a chance you will be able to grow peppers successfully and get great tasting peppers.

The choice of peppers in unbelievable at the moment, and with at least 2,500 new species of pepper being created each year and with many of them not even getting time to be named, your perfect pepper cant be far away.

The best place to get hold of peppers is normally at garden centres or seed specialists if you're lucky enough to have on close by. These areas will give you a huge choice of seeds for different peppers to grow and each should have a good description on the back of all the things the pepper will need and what the pepper is like taste wise, but in case you haven't got all the time in the word to scour through endless packets of seeds reading which will be best for you, here are some popular options which should suit most peoples needs and tastes.

Habanero Peppers

These orange or red peppers are extremely hot; if you're looking to get some really hot and spicy peppers then these are for you. At about 200,000 - 300,000 scoville units you wont be able to taste too much after eating one of these.

Jalapeno Peppers

These are a very popular choice in bottled salsa due to the strong flavour of these peppers, a good choice to grow if like something with bite but not as hot as the habanero, a great tasting pepper.

Bell peppers

These are the sweetest peppers available, very easy to grow and do not have a hot of spicy flavour to them at all, these peppers are great for family meals for kids and within salads, advised for first time pepper growers.

Cayenne peppers

Another very hot pepper just falling short of the hot and spicy habanero, cayenne's have 5,000 - 30,000 scoville heat measurement making them the second hottest of the popular peppers, a very nice strong tasting pepper great for salsas.

Serrano peppers

These peppers have very thin walls making them easy to cook and prepare. a good peppers to grow for all round taste, heat units, and ease to grow. Best eaten when green and not left to ripen.

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