Cure Anxiety With Natural Herbs

Anxiety is a complex disorder which has been described as a feeling of uneasiness in varying degrees. It is a condition with many facets and can be mild to extreme in intensity. Some medical conditions induce anxiety by their own nature whereas just living life can be anxiety producing for some people. In fact, anxiety can be a forerunner to depressive illnesses and should be treated as soon as practicable. In the early stages, the normal drugs prescribed by doctors may be avoided by trying some herbal alternatives.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

More and more people are considering natural approaches than ever before. The side effects of some drugs used in medical treatments are one of the major causes of this trend. Recent experience has shown that anxiety responds well to natural alternatives especially when coupled with other life changes.

One of the major causes of anxiety is stress. Stress from the workplace is a common complaint in modern society, where heavy workloads place workers under unprecedented stress. A natural follow on is marital stress where work related issues infringe on home life with unpleasant results. Multifaceted stress is the result. Fortunately there are many herbs that provide a good base for the treatment of anxiety. Balm (Melissa Officinalis) and common lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) are two herbs that have been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety. Any good naturopath will be able to assist you with both the supply and recommended dosages of these herbs.

Finding Herbs to Treat Anxiety

Homeopathic Centers and specialty stores are a good source of these herbal products. Additionally many on-line resources are available for your consideration. My approach has always been to get correct dosages and strengths first and to do this you should consult a specialist. After that you will be more confident in obtaining the correct supplies on the net or at discount suppliers. Remember that herbs do not work as quickly as western medicines and you will need to be patient. This may be a struggle for someone experiencing anxiety, but the wait will be worth it and the cost should bee less than drugs. The side effects of the two herbs mentioned here are almost non existent, so you will experience no problems there.

Other Natural Ways to Combat Anxiety

There are many other alternatives to think about when treating anxiety. Yoga is a great therapy and is a time proven "treatment", but realistically, a way of life. Massage is another method to consider. My opinion is however, that massage should only be used as part of another method such as Yoga or herbal remedies. Anxiety must be treated at its core, and relaxation therapies hold the key if practiced as part of a holistic treatment. You should also consult a nutritionist as part of this approach to ensure every facet is covered.

As mentioned above, you will need to be patient for total changes to come into effect. As a precaution therefore, you should always get the permission of your doctor or at least advise her/him of your thinking so that your medication if any, can be adjusted as necessary.

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