Culinary Herbs: Simple To Grow And Great For Food

Human beings have made use of herbs down the centuries. Herbs serve a variety of purposes and we continue to find more and more uses of them in our lives. Most of the herbs are easy to grow and you can choose from 40 to 60 herbs and learn to make use of them.

Different herbs serve different functions. The aromatic herbs, for instance, are grown purely for their scent. You can use oils from these herbs to make candles, perfumes and other cosmetic and skin care products.

Most widely known variety of herbs are the culinary herbs. In fact, you will find people who know only about the culinary herbs. Some of the popular varieties are basil, dill and chives. Many gardeners grow culinary herbs. However, when growing them one must be careful not to plant another sapling where a herb was already planted. The reason is that most of the herbs are annuals, i.e. they reappear without the need to replant.

Some herbs are considered ornamental as they are basically just grown to look at. These herbs may be used to make fresh or dried arrangements and they are often found in and amongst the flowers in a flower garden.

There are herbs used for remedial purpose. These medicinal herbs are used to treat many ailments. They are not a part of the mainstream medicines in the western medical community but they are still an essential part of remedy to ailments in many cultures. The scientists are still pouring their time and effort in studying their effects.

The culinary herbs are most popular because without them our food would not taste so good. We use herbs to create marinades. Without herbs it would be difficult to get that subtle, but distinct, flavor that enhances many dishes. Herbs are as essential to cooking as any of the other ingredient. No wonder, people keep herbs on hand, even if they cannot afford them. They would rather grow them in their garden than do without them.

Growing herbs in your garden is a fairly simple and painless process. But before you start laying out your garden and planning where what gets planted where, be aware that herbs are available as annuals, perennials, and biennials. This means that the herbs will be coming up at different times in the year so you will have to keep track of where you plant what herb and what its growing cycle is.

Most of the culinary herbs are easy to grow because they do quite well in fairly fertile soil that may have been drained by other crops. Moreover, they do just as well indoors as they do outdoors. However, make sure you don’t plant them too deeply in the soil or they may not have a chance to grow. Also, always harvest your herbs in the mornings to get the best of their precious oils.

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