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Things to consider when planning a Dinner Party with the best recipes most successful dinner parties are planned well in advance. By doing so you will not only relieve yourself of unnecessary stress but you will guarantee that the night goes perfectly smooth and that you are there to enjoy the evening as much as your guests. The following are some items you will want to consider and plan well before the night of your next dinner party.
-Send invites with occasion, theme (if any), time, address and an rsvp contact.
-Confirm attendees.
-Include other items on your shopping list that you may also need, i.e. coffee, tea, mixers, alcohol, wine, candles etc.
-Polish all the cutlery.
-Check the glassware and wash and polish if need be.
-Check your crockery. Do you have enough? Is it chipped?
-Choose your table settings if any.
-Do you have enough chairs?
-Set the table for a test as you will on the day.
-Choose the music for the dinner? Play list or CD's?
-Organize candles or lighting for the evening. Do not underestimate the music and lighting, a dinner party is about all the senses not just the ones on your tongue.
-Tidy up.
-Know the number for your local taxi, or make up a spare bed or two in case some of your guests are unable to drive.
-Match wines to your menu.
-Are there any dietary requirements your guests may have? Celiac, Vegetarian, Allergies etc.
-Chill the wine.

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