Symbolic Easter Gifts for Everyone


Christians all over the world celebrate Easter as one of the holy festivals symbolized with Christ's rebirth from death. Churches are lit up with candles and fondly decorated with flowers for the festival. As regards to the date of Easter, a rule was issued which stated that Easter shall be celebrated on a Sunday, between March 22 and April 25. So, the first Sunday which comes after the first full moon following March 21 is celebrated as 'Easter'.

Easter Egg

The Easter story symbolizes the egg as renewal of life. It is associated with the festival, as all living creatures begin their life in the egg. Eggs are colorfully decorated with different designs and patterns for the occasion. Egg painting competitions are organized for the festival. Another famous activity conducted is hunt the egg. Parents hide the coloured eggs often with some chocolate eggs, and then kids have to hunt the egg. This fun game is played on Easter day. Chocolate eggs are favourite amongst the children. So chocolate eggs are important part of the gift basket to be presented to children.

Other Gifts

The festival is celebrated with so much fun and joy. Relatives and friends visit each others place and exchange gifts to show their love and to strengthen their bond and relationship. Some of the famous gift forms are cards, flowers, jewellery, Easter bouquets, chocolate bunnies and eggs and Easter bunny gifts.

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