Its Halloween Candy Time!

So drag out the skeletons and monsters, the scary costumes and black paint, and remember the scary candy! Children and adults enjoy playing "tricks" during Halloween, but more importantly, they enjoy the "treats" of the holiday. Halloween has been celebrated for thousands of years, and has undoubtedly evolved accordingly. Several cultures have influenced this holiday including Roman, Christian, and Celtic. The United States embraces Halloween with open arms.

Kids Love To Be Scared

Kids love Halloween. The idea of wearing scary clothes, going out in dark, and taking candy is a venture which can not be resisted. Halloween celebrations encompass parties with themes, competitions for the 'scariest costume', and lanterns that look like pumpkins, and numerous other activities. Your candy favors need to be the best and most frightening in the neighborhood! How will you ensure this?

Halloween candies that look like worms, skulls, and cockroaches made out of chocolate are loved by children. As far as kids are concerned, the creepier the candy, the cooler the giver!

Follow these tips to make you house the prime stop of the neighborhood:

1. If getting scary and unique candy is high on your priority list, then Albert's Candy is perfect for you. The Skeleton Candy Coffins are the most sought after if you are choosing candy favors, but they also sport a wide variety of other choices. If you know about the Fear Factor television show, then you'll realize that Fear Factor Candy is sure to be a scary hit! If your kids are crazy for Harry Potter, then Chocolate Frogs and Cockroach Clusters are sure to please!

2. The brands Foreign Candy and Generation Candy create very scary treats, also. A few you can select from are Boogeyman Halloween lollipops and even gummy brown earthworms. The youngsters will love treats with wild names like alien drool and brain dips. If kids in your neighborhood are like other kids, that means they love Gummies. There are several types of gummy candies that you can hand out, including rats, snakes, bats, and spiders.

3. The kids will also like the traditional gummy bears. So go with these if you can't stomach the thought of the more adventurous varieties. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, Vidal candies produces gummi fried eggs, snails, and gummi flies that are sure to please. It makes the original gummis seem a little boring.

4. HotLix is the brand for you, if the kids are truly into trying out new things. Candy crickets and chocolate covered cockroaches are just a few unique things you can get from HotLix. They also make Sour Gummy Vampire bats, Gummy Fangs, Gummy Brains, Gummy Finger puppets, Oozing eyeballs candy, Spooky eyeball gumballs, Creepy peepers filled chocolate eyeballs and spooky Halloween lollipops.

There are all sorts of gummy candies, such as vampire bats, fangs, brains, and finger puppets, as well as eyeball-themed goodies like oozing eyeballs, spooky eyeball gumballs, "Creepy Peepers" chocolate-filled eyeballs, and of course, Halloween lollipops.

5. Since black is the official color of Halloween, you may even want to give out some black candy. For a more traditional approach, hand out black licorice candy, black gummy penguins, black licorice cats, or black licorice wheels.

If you want to be the hit of the neighborhood on Halloween, then get rid of all those standard candies like M&Ms and candy corn. The ghouls will come right to your door, when you give out the scary treats.

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