Wedding Favors- The Most Thoughtful Guest Gifts Possible

Homemade wedding favors are among the most thoughtful guest gifts possible. The effort becomes part of the gifts. You may be interested in making homemade wedding favors but may not know where to start. Here are some ideas... Can you cook? We, everybody likes to eat. So don't be shy about cooking up something. Foods make some of the best homemade wedding favors. Think sweet. Cookies, pies, pastries, candies, and especially any gourmet chocolate, are all delicious and (pardon the pun) sweet gifts. Who doesn't love sweets? Not a good cook? You can still make food gifts. A mint candy wedding favor in a tin is nice. And jars full of dry layered ingredients for baked goods make beautiful, thoughtful homemade wedding favors. You can find "recipes" for them in gift-food books or online. Alternating light-colored layers (such as coconut, white flour, or white sugar) with dark-colored layers (such as brown sugar and chocolate chips) gives the best visual effect. Surround the lid with a bow to match your wedding shower or wedding decor, and attach a nicely-printed recipe. Speaking of recipes, recipe books make great homemade wedding favors. You can either assemble, print, and bind the recipes yourself; or, if you need a large number of them, get together a collection of all of your favorite recipes you've collected through the years, and have a publishing company print and bind them for you. This makes a unique, inexpensive wedding favor. While we are on the topic of publishing, there are other "published" works that you may want to consider using as homemade wedding favors. If you are a poet, you may put together a small booklet of your own romantic poems. Or you can collect romantic stories and poems from the people you are inviting to the wedding or shower and put them together as a collection to make small booklets for your guests. Beyond foods and printed items, there are still plenty of options to choose from if you want to make homemade wedding favors. Make your own gift baskets. Or crafts. Or artwork. Or make something with fabrics- a pillow, for instance. Crochet or knit something small. Your gifts need not be extravagant or perfect. Your guests are likely to be touched to know that you took the time to make them something to show your appreciation. So if you are on a strict budget or simply want your guests to feel special, A homemade wedding favor is certain to do the job.

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