Cook Amazing Food With Microwaves

It is a brad new heating technique. This heating excitation is very regular which results in thorough cooking of the food item. It is a very safe, efficient and quick method of cooking the food. However these electrical devices do not bake or brown the food-stuff like the traditional ovens. Due to this fact, they are a bit unsuitable for cooking certain types of foods. However, after their initiation in the 1970s and 1980s microwave ovens have almost over-hauled the parameters of cooking food.

As far as the working principles are concerned, this kitchen appliance consists of:

One large voltage transformer to provide energy to the magnetronThe magnetronMagnetron control circuit in combination with a micro-controllerThe cooking chamberA wave-guide.

The working principle involves transferring non-ionising micro-wave radiation through the food item at the frequency of 2.45 GHz. Falling between infra-red frequencies and normal radio frequencies these radiations are absorbed in the form of energy by the water, fat and other food substances. Most of these molecules are electric dipoles and hence align along the microwaves' alternating electric field. It creates heat and the cooking process starts.

These appliances are used extensively industrial, home and restaurant purposes. Given their amazing facilitation to the cause of coking, they are ruling the roost as far as the kitchen appliances are concerned. But professional chefs do come across some difficulties while working with them. It is due to the fact that several finer nuances of cooking like caramelisation, browning and flavour-arising reactions can not take place within the given temperature range. Still, for those who are short of time due to professional reasons, these appliances are a sort of blessing. Apart from a fast mode of cooking, these can be used to re-heat the pre-cooked frozen food items.

Consumer microwaves come in various sizes. Compact microwave is the smallest type of counter-top application which is portable and dominates the market. A typical model comes with the dimensions of 50x35x30 cm. Then there are the medium and large capacity microwaves. In addition to this, there are built-in microwaves which are fitted into the cabinetry like the conventional microwave ovens.

There are many safety features and benefits of working with these appliances. In their standard operating mode these use a timer, which turns off the appliance as the set time runs out. They heat the food without themselves getting hot. Further, the food items coming out of these ovens are rarely hotter than 100 degree centigrade.

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