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For a chef to stand out from the crowd it is sometimes necessary that a chef coat be worn. This clothing that is worn by chefs throughout the world is very distinctive. The main color is that of a pristine white. There are many places that have various types of chef coats for purchase.

While the general design of chef coats are the same there are embellishments that can be found on unlike chef coats. These embellishments can be throw off buttons going down the front of the coat, French cuffs that can be plain or have a black or colorful piping approximately the cuff. Many chef coats will have a fairly large sized pocket that is found on the left side of the coat.

Depending upon the dining establishment the chef coat can be found in other colors. You may be able to find dark blue coats, light blue coats, black chef coats and even olive green chef coats. There is even a possibility that embroidery can be found on the collar and front opening. This serves to give a imposing look to the general chef coat.
In our hectic world it is sometimes necessary that the cloth that is used in the fashioning of chef coats should be able to resist the high heat that can be found in our kitchens. To account for this fact there is a range of dissimilar types of chef coats that are available.
While the chef may wear an apron over his uniform while the cooking is being done, to mingle amongst the customers and to ensure that the food is being served hot and in bountiful amounts, the chefs will be seen wearing chef coats that are pristine in their appearance. This is an significant statement regarding their chef apparel... please continue on our web site that has other related information for this topic...
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