Your Next Family Campout with Dutch Ovens

It is getting hotter outside, and the sun sets much later, the children are all on vacation. This means that perhaps the most favorite season has begun: summer. Summer means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for me and my relatives, summer means its time to go camping! Where to? The mountains, high up in the thin air, away from any kind of civilization is where we go. What is it about camping and the mountains that is so pleasing and attracting? Could it be that all our cares are put aside for a few memorable moments as we reflect on the beauty of God's creations? Or perhaps it is the thrill we get by being adventurous and doing things such as taking cold showers, sleeping on the ground by large cliffs, and biking down our favorite trail. There are so many fun and exciting activities that we can do in the mountains, which makes it hard to plan just what we will do. There is one activity though that we must always do; eating, and there is no better way to do that while camping then to bring a few dutch ovens to get that sweet flavor that only a dutch oven stove can give.

The best part about the outdoors has to be the food. I truly can't relate to you what it is that makes it so particular. Something about the crisp air adds so much to the eating experience. Cooking with fire and charcoal give a flavor to food that cannot be achieved by any other means. No matter how many barbecues you have attended, you have not gone through the most excellent in outdoor cooking until you have tasted the food that comes from cooking in a dutch oven. A cast iron dutch oven used to cook your meal very slow creates a very desirable flavor.

The dutch oven is used for all kinds of food: dinner, dessert, and every other meal can be made. bread, cake, soup: you name it, it can be made in a dutch oven. Since dutch ovens are stackable, a full course meal can be cooked all in the same hour.

Another awesome thing with dutch ovens is the fact that you can always leave your dutch oven with the charcoal briquettes on top of the lid and on bottom and you never have to touch it again till its done. No one want to have to spend a lot of time cooking during vacation, and using a dutch oven stove will allow you to do what you like and then come back for a delicious meal.

If you're looking to see if your food is ready in a dutch oven, you must be meticulous or you will sprinkle your supper with what my family refers to as "mountain salt and pepper." This tasty kind of salt and pepper is actually ash that can slide off the lid of the dutch oven as it is being removed from the dutch oven stove. It's not unhealthy and it add no more flavor though so don't worry about it too much. It does add texture though.

Now we have come to the best part: Dessert. Dessert is a very cherished meal and is becoming more popular every day. Actually, who am I kidding? Dessert has always been popular and will continue to be so unless the world's supply of sugar is suddenly cut off. Dutch oven dessert has to be my most favorite meal while camping. It is not like cooking it in your stove, there is a special flavor that comes from cooking it outdoors and if you haven't experienced it, I would highly recommend you do so soon. (You never know if sugar really will become extinct.)

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