Microwaves Ovens: Serve fast and quick food

Percy Spencer was the man who discovered the microwave. The first food to be cooked with Spencer's microwave was popcorn and the second was an egg. But nowadays, maximum number of kitchen users use microwaves because they are cheaper than the LPG gas and works fast.

Microwave Oven and Oven Grill are generally used for save time in both industrial applications such as restaurants and at home. People who want fast cooking times also can use microwave ovens to prepare food or reheat stored food in only a moments. Popcorn is one of the popular items with the microwave users.

There are three types and sizes of microwave ovens :

1. Compact microwave: A compact microwave also called portable, small, is the smallest type of typically available consumer microwave. These ovens are rated between 500 and 1000 watts of power and usually have a capacity of 28 litres. These ovens are generally used for reheating food and making microwaves meals and popcorn.

2. Medium capacity microwave: These microwaves are larger than the compact or portable microwaves. Their interiors are between 30 and 45 litres and the power consumed range from 1000-1500 watts. It is the standard "family" sized microwave.

3. Large capacity microwave: It is big type microwave designed for cooking large meals. Large capacity microwave normally use over 2000 watts and usually has a capacity of 60 litres.

There are many social and cultural changes that come with microwave. The Microwave Oven has made it simple for people to cook and reduce the time needed for preparing and cooking food. It is no longer necessary to plan a lot of time for preparing lunch and dinner, since food could be heated in a matter of few minutes. As a result, there was a desire for easy and fast food preparing, that led to a behavioral change in people not wanting to spend more time in the kitchen.

Always use good quality Cooking appliances for use in microwaves because internal temperature is very high and low quality plates and the bowls can be damaged by dehydration.

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