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If you go to the restaurant and feel like having some special chicken dish, don't make the mistake of ordering chicken fried steak, since you'd be in for a big surprise. Chicken fried steak is a great way of preparing beef, the name of which comes from the resemblances with fried chicken. Hence, this specialty is recommended to anyone who'd like a well-cooked piece of beef, and it definitely deserves better grades than any pork steak you may have tasted.

Chicken fried steak is known under a variety of other names, particularly in the United States, and confusions are something common: country fried chicken, chicken fried chicken or steak fried chicken. The origins of this popular dish are not very clear, but it is supposed to come from Europe, most probably from Germany since it resembles wiener schnitzel a lot.

How is chicken fried steak made? Once I give you the details you'll see that you can cook it simply and quickly at home. The main condition for preparing a delicious dish is to cut the beef as thin as possible; then pound it on each side to make it tender and add some spices. Tenderizing is an absolute must-follow step since this type of meat is usually harder in texture; once the process is over, pass the beef through butter and flour while adding some further seasonings including pepper and salt.

Instead of butter you can use a combination of milk and eggs with seasonings, while as a substitute for flour, bread crumbs work great. Chicken fried steak is usually cooked in vegetable oil, as it is a lot healthier than lard and hot butter that were part of the traditional recipe. The preference goes for palm tree oil that is said to have less cholesterol than the sun-flower one, and nutritionists recommend this combination as being a lot healthier.

There are other advantages to cooking chicken fried steak than the rapid preparation mode; first of all the price for the meat cuts is lower than for other meat categories. Then, there are lots of ways to serve beef prepared like this: one can either go for mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables with dressings and salad, or cream gravy. There are no restrictions about the meal at which to serve chicken fried steak: it goes very well for lunch or dinner, but it is not at all uncommon to have it at breakfast with eggs for instance.

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