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"Chicken soup is synonymous with New York City," Molly O'Neill wrote in the "New York Cookbook". "An epicurean archeologist could piece together a social history of the city, simply by studying the permutations of its chicken soup." From renowned chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten to the corner bodega owner, every cook has his own recipe for this magical elixir.

In a two-month chicken soup odyssey, wandering the streets of New York searching for the headiest, tastiest chicken soup, I slurped classic presentations and discovered versions with unique twists and secrets. I have also become " so far this wintry season " walking proof of the soup's restorative qualities.

Delis dispense golden "Jewish penicillin," usually filled with some combination of matzo balls, noodles and little meat-filled dumplings called kreplach. This restaurants make at least two kinds of chicken soup using coconut milk, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. Chinese restaurants have their wonton soups, and recently Sichuan restaurants have introduced chicken soups made with prized fresh-killed black-skinned chickens, pickled cabbage, hot chilies and pea shoots. Of course, the Greeks' contribution to chicken soup is avgolemono. Latino chicken soups feature avocado, cilantro, oregano and tomatoes.

But a call for chicken soup also calls for answers. What color should a proper chicken soup be? When do you add the starch, whether it's rice or noodles or matzo balls? When do you add vegetables or herbs? If you add beef or pork, is it still chicken soup? Perhaps most important, can you still get a truly great bowl of matzo ball soup in this town now that the Second Avenue Deli is closed? Makes a superb Eastern European-style chicken soup. It is pale gold and flecked with fresh herbs, and delivers tons of actual chicken flavor. He calls it Estelle's, after his mother, a Russian Jew who he says still makes the best chicken soup around.

Making chicken soup is a serious process if you want it to be the real deal. A lot of chicken soups taste as if the chicken flew over the pot. . Ready you are Chicken Soup Please visit in the site for extra details.

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