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Chicken can be a great choice for any meal-fast to cook and good to eat- that's what I prefer to refer to my favorite chicken as. For lunch or for dinner it turns out to be a handy ingredient when you do have your creativity flowing or even when you are running short g of ideas.

My place for one is one of chicken lovers and so mastering the art of cooking chicken and experimenting with recipes and devising my own has been high on my list of events. Over the years, have realized that there are innumerable chicken dishes that one can come up with by just varying the combination of ingredients or using a new set of ingredients.

Whether you decide to bake, roast, curry or stew your chicken the end result is sure to be a lip smacking delight. A juicy delicious chicken however, needs to be cooked right.

When I began my culinary journey had very little or in fact no knowledge of the pre-requisites to cooking chicken right. The result many times I found that my chicken cooked was still hard or at other times it was overcooked to the extent that it separated from the bone. I was truly at a loss as to how long the chicken should be cooked and how to go about making all those great looking dishes one finds in cookery books and on the popular television shows. However, trial and error and a determination to turn my disasters into success has got me today to a stage where my dishes are one that family and friends do look forward to.

I am sure that there are many of you who are stepping foot into the culinary world and would definitely benefit from a few tips that have been gained through experience.

-Chicken is a wonderful source of protein and is great for those on the health and fitness path as well. Remove the skin and lo and behold!! you have a low fat highly nutritious dish waiting for you.

-Poultry must be cleaned very well before cooking. I prefer to rinse it several times with water and also keep it in salt water for approximately 10 minutes before using it.

-Clean chicken, hands, chopping boards and also utensils well to ensure a safe delicious dish that you would fall in love with.

-Once cooked chicken should be refrigerated (if there is anything remaining). Use the within 48 hours.

-If you decide to fry your chicken ensure that the temperature of the oil is just right. Oil should be hot before putting in the chicken to ensure that the chicken is fried crisp (or else it would absorb more oil and turn soggy). Fry in batches.

-Chicken can be combined deliciously with a variety of ingredients that not only adds to the nutritious value of the dish but also works as a taste enhancer. Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions can make a great value addition to your chicken (depending on the particular recipe chosen). If you decide to use the stewing technique of cooking potatoes, carrots and turnips make a tasty treat.

-It would be best to use a thermometer to ensure that your chicken is cooked to the right temperature and just right for your meal.

Go ahead experiment , that's the secret to being a wonderful cook.

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