Chicken Stew Keeps You Warm

There is nothing better then sitting down to dinner and enjoying that warm comforting sensation of a home made chicken stew. I enjoy that feeling and I would love for you to have that feeling. This meal used to mean hours in the kitchen cooking, however, thanks to modern-day technology, it can happen very easily with little time involved. All you need is a crock pot and a little prep time and you can make this instant hit.

Crock pot Chicken Stew
2 Bone-in Chicken Breast
6 cups of water
1 carrot
1 celery stick
1 bay leaf
pepper and salt

1 1/2 c carrots chopped into bite size pieces
1 c celery in bite size pieces
3/4 c noodles

In your crock pot combine your chicken, water, the carrot, the celery stick, bay leaf, and then salt and pepper to taste. This will make the most important part of your stew, the stock. You should let this cook on low overnight. In the mid morning pull everything out of the liquid. Discard the carrot, celery and bay leaf. Let the chicken cool for about 30 minutes so you can pull the meat off the bone and rip it up. Once you have pulled of all the meat and cut or ripped it into bite size pieces put it back in the crock pot and discard the bone and skin. Let that continue to cook on low. About two hours before you will be eating add the chopped carrots to the stew. Then when when you are 30 minutes from eating you will want to add you celery and noodles, you may also want to add a little more salt and pepper so go ahead and take a little taste. You can also add some corn, peas, or green beans if you would like. When the noodles are soft serve and enjoy.

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