A Healthy and Tasty Chicken Breast Recipe

Simple is often the best and I think you'll find this recipe easy to cook and very healthy for you too. If you want more flavour try stuffing the chicken slices with slivers of garlic.

Time to prepare ingredients: Approximately 10 minutes

Time to Cook: 35-45 minutes

Recipe Ingredients:

* 4 lean chicken breasts

* Some butter or margarine

* Salt and pepper as required

* 1 bulb of garlic (which is optional)

Recipe Cooking Method:

Slice the chicken breasts from end-to-end to create a pocket.

Stuff the pockets with bits of garlic (if necessary) and coat the top of the chicken with butter or margarine.

Dust the chicken very lightly with salt and pepper and then bake in the oven at 350 degrees. This chicken breast recipe should serve around 4 people.

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