Impressive Charcoal Grills!

Enjoy delicious and juicy barbecued chicken cooked on Charcoal Grills! Charcoal Grills give a distinct smoky flavor to the food thus adding extra taste. Also, these grills are comparatively less expensive than the other types of grills. Though they are a little difficult to clean, it is nothing when it comes to delicious food.

The various types of Charcoal Grills available in the market include:-

Table Top Grills – These grills are small and used to barbecue small pieces of chicken. The charcoal capacity of these units is small and so one needs to add charcoal at regular intervals to keep the fire burning. These are available in a large variety, including those made of porcelain, thin metal, etc. It is always preferable to buy a heavy unit as it ensures better grilling.
Lidless Grills – These are the least expensive of all. However, one cannot use them for barbecuing. They are good only for direct grilling.
Kettle Style Grills – These, as the name suggests, are in the shape of round kettles. The top lid of these units is dome shaped, thus giving enough space for cooking large pieces of meat. Weber has some beautiful designs to choose from.
Covered Rectangular Charcoal Grills – These are the best for barbecuing! They have ample space for charcoal, sealed lids for retaining the heat and lot of space for cooking good amount of food. One can buy the normal grills or the high end Stainless Steel Charcoal Grills. The high end units, of course, are the best you can find.

The Black Dog Charcoal Grill from Landmann USA Charcoal Grills is an excellent unit for grilling and barbecuing. This 42" unit gives the facility to cook on direct heat as well as on indirect heat or smoke. Some of the main features of this grill are:-

Offset fire box for cooking on direct heat or indirect heat
Large vents for proper control of heat while cooking
Charcoal grates that can be adjusted to various positions with the help of the crank handle
Side door Fire Box for ease of adding charcoal and wood
Stainless steel ash catcher
Heavy-duty wheels and cooking grates
Porcelain cooking grates
Large cooking space of about 765 square inches
Ash damper to help clean the ashes easily
Temperature gauge in stainless steel
Large storage shelf at the bottom

This Charcoal Grill from Landmann USA Charcoal Grills is an excellent unit for those who love barbecuing. Another reliable brand with good quality products is Weber. To know more about the Charcoal Grills, browse through The huge variety available at the store will impress you to no end!

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