Barbecue Cooking on a Gas Grill

In part 1 the Grilling Coach gave you some advice on the different methods of cooking on your gas grill. But if your grill is not looked after, its performance will be impaired and it could be unsafe too. So here are the Coach's tips on maintenance and safety ...

If you smell gas:

1. Shut off the gas supply to the grill.

2. Open grill lid.

3. Extinguish any open flame.

4. If odor continues, immediately call your gas supplier.

Always raise the lid before lighting. Never bend over the grill when lighting. If the burner does not ignite:

1. Turn the control knob to Off, wait 5 minutes, and try igniting again.

2. Check the gas supply.

3. Check for obstructions in the gas line.

4. Check for spider webs in the venturi tubes (short tubes connecting burner to gas manifold). Plugged venturi tubes prevent the propane from flowing to the burner.

Location and Clearances

If your gas grill is to be close to the house or any other combustible surface, observe and follow the manufacturer's instructions for clearances from combustible materials.
Safety Reminders

Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Keep the area around and under the grill free from anything that might obstruct the flow of air for combustion and ventilation.

Do not install grill under overhead, unprotected combustible surfaces! Grills should be outdoors in a well-ventilated space, not in a garage or other enclosed area.

Do not store or use gasoline or any other flammable vapors or liquids near the barbecue or any other appliance.

Keep electrical supply cord and gas supply hose away from any heated surface.

Do not use charcoal in your grill; it will dissipate and plug the holes.

Do not operate your grill if there is a gas leak. Do not use a match to check for gas leaks otherwise you could figure in the Darwin Awards! Always use a soap water solution.

Do not disconnect any gas fittings while grill is being used.

If your barbecue does not ignite immediately, or if the burners go out during use, turn all controls Off and wait 5 minutes before attempting to relight.

Set the grill on a level surface out of traffic paths.

Keep young children and pets away from barbecue to prevent serious burns.

As soon as you are finished using the barbecue, turn Off the cylinder shutoff valve first and then turn the grill controls to Off. This allows gas in the gas lines to burn off.

Tighten and check all connections each time the cylinder is filled and reconnected to your grill.

If your tank is rusty or dented your propane dealer should check it. Propane cylinders require inspection, fitted with a new relief valve, and re-qualified 10 years from date of manufacture.

Testing for Gas Leaks

Check for gas leaks every time you disconnect and reconnect your gas fitting. Once all connections have been made and valve knob is in the Off position, turn gas on at the cylinder and check for leaks. Never test with a lighted match! Test with a soap water solution. Do not smoke while testing!

To prepare a soapy solution, mix one part dish detergent and one part water. Paint every joint in the pipeline. Bubbles, a hissing sound, or an obnoxious odor indicate gas leaks. Turn gas off and tighten any connection that appeared to be leaking. Retest for leaks.

Storing Your Gas Grill

When the grill is to be stored indoors, the cylinder must be disconnected from the grill and stored outdoors in a well-ventilated area. If the cylinder is not disconnected from the grill, the grill and cylinder must be stored outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

To ensure safety and good performance, your local dealer, your gas company, or a qualified serviceperson should handle all adjustments, servicing, and replacement parts such as burners, valves and regulators.

So there you have it, top advice for safe and successful gas grilling straight from the Grilling Coach himself. Grill smart, not hard, to really enjoy your barbecue!

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