An Introduction To Barbeque Sauces

Nothing is more renowned is the barbecue world then sauce. Barbecue sauces are the most guarded and reverenced aspect of barbecue. They can single handily to a mediocre piece of meat into a great tasting feast. But are we forced to use the run of the mill sauces decorating our store shelves. They contain harmful processed ingredients including high fructose and other nasty elements. Not to mention the bland tastes that unfortunately has come to be known with barbecue sauce. By following these aspects we can make our own barbecue sauce that is a source of pride and great food.

First of all it is important to figure out which barbecue sauce you actually enjoy. Barbecue sauces have two main categories: thick and thin. And between those two categories there are also tangy, hot, sweet and spicy. Finding which variation you want to use. Right away there were a probably a couple of variations of barbecue sauce that jumps out at you. Start with those by trying to create a couple of sauces for them. Then deviate and throw some of the other element in there. Pretty soon you will strike gold and have an amazing sauce to show off.

When it comes to the base for your sauces they are many different types to choose from. Tomato is the mostly widely used barbecue sauce and is easy to prepare. To drive tomato sauces home prepare them a day in advance. Vinegar is another great option when wanting to really penetrate the meat with that acidic flavor. And when preparing pork it is also a great idea to experiment with mustard based sauces. To any of these sauces you can add a heaping of cider vinegar, red pepper, chili, sugar, salt and even chocolate to add that extra flavor in your barbecue sauce.

Creating a good barbecue sauce that you really enjoy is one of the most rewarding experiences. It will take a lot of experimenting before you find the perfect one. But once you find your perfect barbecue sauce recipe you will always have a sense of pride knowing your true culinary prowess.

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