Wine Gift Baskets Make Easy Choices

Don't know what to give someone or short on time? Wine gift baskets make a wonderful gift item these days. Almost everyone loves and appreciates the gift of wine. It's hard to go wrong. They are practical gifts for all types of occasions. Send your friend your favorite Merlot from Napa, Pinot Noir from Oregon, or classic red from France. Nothing offers a classier touch than sending a beautiful gift basket with quality wine as a gift.

Now that you can ship wine to almost any state after the recent law changes, wine gift baskets should be a huge hit for the holiday seasons (especially Christmas) but are also great for a wedding, anniversary, or a dinner party. Wine invariably brings up that smile.

There are dozens of wine sites that handle shipping and offer a good selection of wines and baskets. A few good ones are:


Just go online and choose a wine gift basket that meets your budget and taste. They do the rest! Wine gift baskets are reasonable priced and can generally run from $35-$150

There are many choices you can select from. Apart from ready-made gift wine baskets, you can have a basket custom-made to suit the people or occasion you are buying for. Add fine wines, cheese, and gourmet goodies to create delicious wine baskets. A charming gift basket filled with fresh fruit and your choice of sparkling champagne make the ideal wine gift.

Chocolate lovers will surely be delighted when they receive a chocolate-dipped bottle of fine wine or champagne with an assortment of other goodies. A benefit to sending wine gifts is you can add your touch, creating something that you know they will love and will be unique. Ordering online makes it easy to select the ingredients you want and can be delivered direct to their door. Some of the ingredients you can choose to put into your wine gift baskets might be:

- in season fruit such as apples, pears, a pineapple, oranges, and grapes.
- almonds, cashews, pistachios
- hard candies, swiss chocolate
- chocolate almond butter toffee, assorted chocolates
- chocolate covered cherries

Before you order a gift wine basket

It's just the small print, but if you want to make it all goes perfectly for your choice of gift wine basket, make sure you heed the following tips.

Each company has different ordering, shipping, payment, and refund policies. Be sure to read any company policy details before you place your order. Doing so will enable you to make sure your gift wine basket is delivered according to your expectations, avoiding unnecessary frustration and disappointment later. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the basket company for answers. Additionally, be sure to save your order and tracking numbers. These numbers may be useful if you want to find out if your gift has been delivered or need to ask questions after your order has been placed.

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