Why Not Try A Sparkling Rose Wine?

Wine is probably the best social drink man has ever known. It comes in hoards of varieties and peculiarly, the classification is generally based on the area in which wine is grown. The classification is required because the number of types is just so mind boggling that the entire industry would be disarrayed if a standard classification system is not in use. Red and white wines are the 2 major classes in the classification of wine, and in the general sense of the term, they represent the approximate colour of the wine. Apart from that, a number of characteristics are also used to classify wines. Sparkle is one such feature and wines that have a fizz are called as sparkling wines. These wines have some quantity of carbon dioxide in them that imparts the fizz to these wines, similar to soft drinks.

Sparkling rose wine is especially very famous as it is one of the few wines that taste really good with the sparkle rather than without it. As is obvious, rose wines are red wines. These wines taste real good and have an aroma. After carbon dioxide is added during bottling, sparkling rose wine is ready and once opened, the contents will fizz out. Generally, carbon dioxide is filled up to a pressure of 2 to 3 atmospheres in these bottles and one must be careful not to subject the bottle of vigorous vibrations, or the contents can splash out. Champagne is a sparkling wine and is used as a celebration drink; it is always "shaken well before use" so that the contents fizz out and mark the celebration mood.

Sparkling rose wine is produced in a number of places including France, Italy and the U.S. The sales of sparkling rose wine are high as compared to other luxury wines and this product is a "hit" in the online wine sales market. Sparkling rose wine is available as a sparkling wine or a semi-sparkling wine, the difference between the two being the level of carbon dioxide in the bottle. Sparkling rose wine has a carbon dioxide pressure of over 2.5 atmospheres in the bottled condition whereas semi-sparkling rose wine has a carbon dioxide pressure of 1 to 2.5 atmospheres.

Sparkling rose wine is one of the stars of the rose wine family. Rose wines are known for their mild colour which can be anything between pale orange to a deep shade of pink. Apart from the colour, there is no connection of rose wines with the flower 'rose' that we all know. Rose wines have all the health benefits of red wines. Sparkling rose wine is thus not only good to taste for enjoyment but also healthy. As is always said about wines, moderation is the key to taking complete advantage of all the health benefits they have to offer, sparkling rose wine should also be consumed in moderate quantities, not exceeding 2-3 glasses a day. Regular, moderate consumption has good health benefits and hence, is highly recommended for everyone.

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