Valentines Day Wine And Food Ideas

Once again Valentines Day is here and even though it may not be official holiday it is a very important day for that special women in our life. So while we have some time lets plan ahead for the big even and make it a great day for that special someone.

There are many different ways to celebrate this special day from the simple method just buying flowers and maybe some candy to the much more involved level of not buy the above items but also other items like jewelry. It will very depending on how you feel about this holiday after we all don’t celebrate it. But below are some good ideas that you can try this year and that will help make this day special.

Lets start off with a simple plan for Valentines day start off by buy some flowers usually a Roses are nice but you cant mix them with other flowers as well along with a nice vase if you don’t already have one. The next step is to get some candy and wine because in this step we are going to do some pairing of wine food. When pairing wines with chocolate, your best bet is to match lighter, more elegant flavored chocolates with lighter bodied wines and likewise, the stronger the chocolate, the more full-bodied the wine should be. A good example is a bittersweet chocolate tends to pair well with an intense California Zinfandel now a more subtle white chocolate ends to be mellower flavor, making it an ideal candidate for a Sherry. This could make a very interesting and unique Valentines Day. Of course you might not need the chocolate candies at all depending on what your mate likes a good wine can be by itself can be nice way to celebrate.

Another good idea plan is to go with more then just the flowers and candy plus but you add a romantic dinner with wine. Something about a candle light dinner with that special someone and if by chance you have children find a baby sitter after all it is pretty hard to set a romantic setting with your children playing with there food. If you feel like making the dinner yourself then go for it you can find lots of great recipes on our website listed below as well as others. Now if you don’t feel like cooking then order out from a good restaurant which I would recommend you do ahead of time well before that evening.

Another good idea plan would to plan a get away possible to nice bed and breakfast in Wine country. Not only is this a great way to spend time together for this holiday but it can also be a great way to celebrate other special events. There is nothing like getting away from it all and relaxing in the country and enjoy local wine food matching. Of course this idea you need to plan ahead for the event and make sure that you get your get your plane tickets and reservations at the bed and breakfast and I would suggest calling at least 4 to 6 months head of time depending on where you plan on going.

Hopefully these Valentines Day ideas will help you this year or at least give you some new idea’s for that special day. Of course with any special day remember to have fun and enjoy each others company and maybe dance the night away with each other.

The most important thing to remember as you celebrate trying new wine food matching is to have fun and enjoy yourself with your family and enjoy the food, wine and conversation.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you will take the time to visit our site listed below.

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