Throwing A Wine And Cheese Party

Are you looking at celebrating an event with your friends and family? If you are looking for a theme for your soiree (party) then one of the easiest themes to use is the wine and cheese party. Setting up a wine and cheese party doesn’t involve a whole lot of work by the host. However there are literally hundreds of possible combinations for the makeup of the party. Decoration, different glasses or plates, varieties of wines and cheeses are all factors in the party.

Decorations for a Wine and Cheese Party

Setting up the party room is dictated by a couple of things. The amount of space available and the room’s shape. If the room will allow it, you can set up a long table against the wall. This table would be divided into different sections. If this configuration doesn’t work, then you could set up several small "stations" around the room with smaller tables.

When you set up the tables, think simple and elegant. You want this to be an upscale party. You could use solid white tablecloths adorned with white candles decorated with grapes and grape leaves. If those aren’t available, then use something seasonal. The cheeses should be labeled with information about the flavor or any other interesting facts, such as age. A nice touch is to have a cutting board and knife or other cutter for each type of cheese

Glasses and Plates for a Wine and Cheese Party

Each color of wine should have its own glass. Rounder ball shaped glasses for the red wines and fluted glasses for the white wine. The glass works with the wine to bring out its best qualities. If you are serving both white and red, you would want to have a collection of each type of glass available, positioned at each wine "station". Wine-themed plates or little antique dishes could be used if you have enough of them. These will encourage your guests to indulge in small samples of cheese with each type of wine.

What to Serve At a Wine and Cheese Party

Other choices for food at your wine and cheese party could be fruit or interesting types of breads or crackers. You should make sure that everything is appropriate for the wine that is at that "station". Fruit could consist of a bowl filled with grapes or other small fruit to complement the wine and cheese located there. Some nice touches would also be caviar or smoked fish and a nice cheesecake for desert. You should also have coffee available for your guests to round out the party.

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