The Wineries of Mudgee - A Great Place for a Culinary Holiday

Mudgee wine comes from the beautiful Mudgee wine region in New South Wales in Australia. The region is located on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range. It is around 250 kilometers to the west of Sydney. The altitude of the region, around 450 meters, helps it escape the severe heat that can be seen in Australia.

The climate in the Mudgee region is milder because of the altitude. The altitude helps the region escape severe heat of lower locations in this area. It is still very hot in the area and the wine vintage of the area is a full month behind other areas.

There are roughly forty wineries in this area. Some have associations with wineries from other areas. Most of the wineries in this area are small family owned and operated. The main pioneer wineries of the area are:

Di Lusso Estate

Manfield Wines

Lowe Family Wines

Mystic Park Winery

Italian varieties are the main interest of these wineries. The Vinifera Estate has Spanish influence and makes Tempranillo and Graciano. Attempts to produce wines of the white varieties in this area have not been very successful. It appears to be too warm in the area for most white varieties.

The Region is well known for the vast array of boutique wines. There are over 35 small individual Cellar Door outlets in the region. Each of the wine makers seeks to make each wine uniquely. The small outlets give consumers an opportunity to see the wine industry up close and personally. The experience gives the consumer a very unique perspective on how wine is made.

The Mudgee wineries experience is very special. People who visit the Mudgee wineries come away with a new outlook on Australia wine. Mudgee wines bring back traditions that are centuries old. It is not just about the wine, but about family and friends. Mudgee wines are perfect for any get together with family and friends.

The Mudgee wineries also offer convenience to their new found customers. The wineries will parcel post any wine of your choice to your home on a monthly basis. The Mudgee wineries offer a personal touch you won't experience anywhere else in the world. The Mudgee wines have a character and personality all their own.

Experiencing Mudgee wines changes how most people think about wines. Drinking Mudgee wine can give one a new found appreciation for wine. The Mudgee wine experience often impresses ale drinkers. They discover what the rich bouquet of a great wine can do for a meal.

The secret of the Mudgee wine region is out. You should purchase your Mudgee wine now because the price will surely rise with the new found popularity. Mudgee wines are very special. Once you experience Mudgee wine you will wonder why you ever drank anything else.

The other great thing to know is that a lot of the wineries in Mudgee also offer accommodation and there is a thriving restaurant scene in the town of Mudgee. if you are thinking of taking a culinary holiday then you are going to have a fantastic time exploring Mudgee.

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When you hit the wineries of Mudgee, consider checking out Mystic Park wines - they have a fantastic selection of wines and also offer accommodation on their beautiful vineyard.