The Wine Club Introduction

A great way to meet wine enthusiasts while tasting new wines is to join a wine club. Many good wine clubs are completely free to join and allow you to socialize with other individuals who enjoy learning about, and drinking, fine wines. Being a member of a wine club will give you the chance to be exposed to more wines than you would normally try on your own and will help you find more pleasure in learning about wine.

When choosing a wine club you must take several things into consideration to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. The first thing is that you must consider is the overall price. While wine clubs are free to join there are fees associated with the actual shipping of the wine. Remember you are joining the club for free; you are not receiving the wine for free. The prices associated with wine clubs vary and depend on the types of wine being consumed. Small wine merchants that run wine clubs will provide members with wine for as little as $20.00 per month. Other wine clubs that specialize in rare vintages or vintages that are only produced in small amounts will charge a few hundred dollars per month to club members. These wine clubs are providing members with wines that you will not fine in your average store.

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing your wine club is whether or not you want to join a club sponsored by a winery or a wine club sponsored by a retailer. A wine club sponsored by a retailer is often more budget friendly since they have a wider variety of vintages available and are usually able to offer membership levels to meet any budget. These wine clubs will also, usually have special deals made with certain wineries that allow them to give wine club members deep discounts. Wine club members will often receive very choice vintages for not even half the cost.

A wine club that is sponsored by a winery will usually be more expensive because the vineyard will often have a smaller selection of wine that is being made in a smaller supply. There are some situations where a vineyard will only have enough wine from a certain pressing to provide to their club members so non-club members will never even have the chance to try the wine vintage. Many wine conniseuirs join wine clubs for this reason, to avoid missing out on limited vintages.

Lastly, make sure you go over all of the rules of the wine club you are interested in before committing yourself to a specific wine club. Take time to find out all of the additional fees that might be added to the basic wine club prices. Some wine clubs offer free or discounted shipping while others charge standard shipping fees. Also wine clubs have shipments at different frequencies. Some wine clubs make shipments to their club members each month while other wine clubs make shipments quarterly or even yearly. Make sure that you know all of the rules before committing yourself to a club.

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