Red Wine ? The Cancer Solution?

Could anything be more dreadful then having your doctor give you a diagnosis of cancer? Probably not. Still, who wants to chance it? There must be practical steps that can be taken to prevent it.

When it comes to health care, the world is full of interesting folksy theories on prevention. Eat this, wear that and so on. Of course, most of these guidelines simply do not work. Ah, but one of the bigger ones is starting to show real promise.

The French drink an absurd amount of red wine. They also eat horribly. They should have high incidents of heart disease and cancer. They do not. Many have concluded this means red wine must be a preventative drink.

For the longest time, red wine as a preventative drink was ignored. After all, we all know rumors of the benefits of red wine. French people have low incidents of cancer and drink lots of wine, so it must do something. Turns out that it very well does.

Red wine is rich in phytochemcials, which are chemicals found in plants. In particular, the wine has a heavy concentration of polyphenols. Some of these polyphenos, such as catechins and resveratrol, have anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.

The magic substance is found in the grapes, but not where you would expect. It is not the juice or pulp. Nope. The seeds and skins are the key. They contain polyphenols, which are anti-oxidants.

To understand the benefits of polyphenols, you have to understand free radicals. These buggers attack cells and mutate them, which is one way cancer comes about. Polyphenols block free radicals, acting as bodyguards for cells if you will.

Ah, but red wine has another magic ingredient. It is called resveratrol. It is produced by grapes to fight off disease. It is effectively part of the immune system of a plant. Well, studies show it also attacks cancerous growths. Yes, it prevents the growth and spread of cancer.

Studies on causal relationships between drinking red wine and cancer are not yet definitive. They simply have not been underway for long enough. That being said, initial findings are positive.

The fear of most men is getting cancer in their prostate. It is a fairly aggressive form or cancer. Red wine appears to be helpful in preventing it. Drink 4 glasses of wine a week and you can cut the risk of it by up to 60 percent.

These initial results might lead one to believe red wine is a holistic answer to all cancer problems. It is not. It only appears to work with certain types. That being said, drinking a glass here and there certainly seems to be a smart move.

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