Knowing the different wines for beginners

Of cause I can't sit here and write down all wine sorts on the market, that wouldn't even be educational, instead I will write which kind of wines as an overview, and tell you what those kinds are used for and when.


This is a pre dinner wine; it's usually something you get just before you get to the table to have dinner, like an appetizer. The ones I have tasted usually are kind of sweet (not a bad thing), some even with taste of strawberry or some other fruit.

Barley wine:

This is a very strong wine, up to 12 percent alcohol, I'm not even sure this will go very well with food, I usually don't drink these wines, they tend to have a very strong taste, and if I should have something strong, I would prefer alcohol then.

Cooking wine:

This is not wine to drink, usually its wine used to put in food while cooking, therefore it is also a bad quality. Actually I talked to a cooking chief recently; he told me a rule of thumb. If the wine is too bad to drink, it's also to bad to use in food.

Dessert wines:

The title kind of says it all, it wine served with the dessert, some cake, ice cream or whatever. Usually it's very sweet and very low on alcohol. (Note: this not counting Port wine which is a strong wine also not so sweet).

White and red wines:

Red wines are typically best for enhancing meals of red meat or tomato sauce, white wines are good for white meat as chicken and fish, but you can combine wine and food as you want there is not specific rule only your taste.

Rose wine:

This is kind of a mixture of red and white wines; they are sweet, good with seafood, salad and pork. These wines are also called summer wines.

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