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The world of wine is unique amongst drinkable spirits. This uniqueness, however, also can make it an intimidating subject. The following tidbits are designed to take out the intimidation factor.

1. From Grapes to the Bottle – How many grapes does it take to make wine? A lot. A ton of grapes produces just over 700 bottle of wine on average. The specific amount, however, depends on the size of each grape. Bigger ones produce more juice.

2. Wine Bottle Size – Historically, wine bottle sizes were all over the place. Today, they hold a fairly standard 750 milliliters of wine. In a restaurant, this is enough to file five to six glasses of wine per bottle.

3. Classic White Grapes – Although there are plenty of grape variations, there are only 5 classic white grapes. They are Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Semillon.

4. Beaujolais Wines – The Beaugolais wines are from the southern most region of Burgandy in France. The wines are noted for their uniqueness and are made from gamay grapes.

5. Wine Alcohol Content – Wine is obviously an alcoholic drink. The alcohol is the result of yeasts processing the natural sugar found in grapes. The more ripe the grapes, the higher the alcohol content.

6. Wine Bottle Presentation – When in a restaurant, a waiter will present you with the bottle of wine you have ordered. You should look at it to determine it is the actual vintage you ordered and touch it to evaluate the temperature.

7. Fruitiness of a Vintage – Fruitiness refers to the ability of a wine to present an aroma and taste of a particular type. It is a term that refers to young wines. Older wines do not display fruitiness.

8. Wine Bar Tastings – When it is time to find new vintages, try visiting a wine bar. The bars offer small tastings of a wide selection, which lets you determine what you like before going out and buying.

9. What Does MW Mean? – MW refers to a person that is uniquely accredited in relation to wine. They are a "Master of Wine" and a good person to listen to on just about any wine subject.

10. Finding Beaujolais Wine – The French Beaujolais wine can be hard to find. Why? The word is not included on the labels. Instead, just the village and producer are.

The first rule of wine is not one you will read many places. Simply put, it is not to be intimidated. Just jump into it and learn as you go. You’ll have a great time.

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