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Ontario’s Wine region is blessed with a ‘cool climate’ that means that at the time of harvest grapes have more concentrated flavors and balanced acidity levels. Further, the "lake effect" caused by lakes Erie and Ontario protects the precious vines from frosts in the spring and grants the benefits of an extended growing season in the fall. Add to this the influence of Ontario’s soils on the quality of grapes; there are many different varieties of grapes that can be produced in the four viticultural areas of Ontario.

Sandy loam soil is found near the Lake Ontario shore, while silty clay is found on the escarpment bench areas. Because of the unique quality of these soils the Niagara Escarpment wineries and Lake Ontario have been able to create a microclimate suitable for the production of World Class Wines.

Wine Tours

To experience some of the most incredible wines you can opt for Niagara on the lake wine country tours. These wine tours offer you the thrill of enjoying a multi-course lunch or dinner at a scenic winery location. You can choose from beautiful courtyard settings, bistros with expansive vineyard views, exceptional award winning Niagara on the lake restaurants.

Hillebrand Winery

Hillebrand is one of the best Niagara on the Lake wineries that captures the essence of Niagara’s wine lifestyle in a stunning and relaxed environment. Hillebrand ice wine was the first icewine to come out of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Icewine is produced by allowing the grapes to freeze naturally on the vine. Grapes in this condition acquire the optimum level of sugar and flavor. Ontario’s Niagara region is currently the largest producer of icewines. Hillebrand also pioneered the production of Trius in the Niagara region. Trius is a blend of selected best Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

Grape And Wine Festival
Wine enthusiasts can also look forward to the Niagara grape and wine festival that takes place in the middle of September when the area celebrates the annual harvest of the grapes. Over a hundred exciting events take place during this ten day celebration.
The attendees get the opportunity of wine tasting, sampling the best of the regional cuisine, being entertained by live concerts and enjoying the pageantry of two outstanding parades. If you’re visiting in late January, the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has an Ice Wine Celebration based around the harvesting of the ice wine grapes.

The VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) consists of a set of standards for winemaking excellence from the vineyard right through to the bottling line. Every Ontario VQA wine earns its position by meeting demanding standards and then undergoes complete laboratory and taste testing. If a wine has VQA on its label, you can be sure that it represents authenticity and quality. Perfect grapes, a Passion for winemaking and an Obsession for quality is the essence of VQA certified Ontario wines.

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