How to Make Wine

Wine is basically an alcoholic beverage. Wine is made by fermenting grape fruit by adding sugar, acids or enzymes to it. Not only grapes but other fruits like apple, elder berry or even rice and barley are also used to make wines. But the name wine generally indicates wine made out of grapes.

Making wine at home is an enjoyable process. The process of making wine at home is very simple and interesting. You can also experiment wine using different fruits and by adding different flavors to it.

For making wine you need 1 qt of grapes or any other fruits with which you would like to make wine. Another ingredient required for making wine is one package of active yeast. Two cups of sugar is also required. Keep one gallon of water separated as two cups of warm water, one cup of hot water and 13 cups of plane water. Keep colander and a container with an air tight lid with you while you make wine at your home.

The procedure for making wine is as follows. Take the fruits in a big utensil and mash them using a spoon. You can use a masher, if available, to make the process of mashing an easy exercise. Transfer the mashed fruit into a big clean container. Now mix sugar in hot water (one cup). Stir sugar till it dissolves completely in the water. Keep it away till it is cool to room temperature. Then add this sugar solution to the mashed fruits. Mix these ingredients using a spatula and keep it aside.

Take two cups of warm water and add active yeast to it. Wait till the yeast foams. Pour this to the fruit preparation and add the remaining 13 cups of water to it. Stir well.
Once the process of mixing the ingredients is over, close the jar using an air tight lid and place the jar in a cool and dark place. It may take 2 to 3 weeks for the mixture to ferment.
Take the jar out of the storage place when the mixture is fermented and strain it using the colander. Cheese cloth can also be used to strain the mixture and bottle the wine for use.

By following this recipe, you can make wine from any fruit you like. You can also add different flavors to wine, if you are interested in experimenting with wine.

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