Which Is The Better Choice, Tea Or Just Plain Water?

There are some individuals who drink a large amount of water per day, there are also a large amount of people who drink more than several cups of tea a day and recently there has been some research done into which is better for the body.

Drinking water of course is healthy because it is replenishing essential fluid in the body that makes up a percentage of water that the body is made.

However this research has shown that drinking tea is possibly more beneficial to the body, while it puts liquid into the body tea also is loaded with antioxidants. Water of course does not have antioxidants to add to its replenishment of the body.

Some of the research that has been done with tea and its antioxidants have given some proof that it may help to guard against certain types of cancer, weight loss and it may even help protect against the onset of Alzheimer?s, along with other diseases. In addition to this, various research studies appear to indicate that tea may even reduce the relative risk for diabetes as well as improve insulin sensitivity. As if this were not enouph, There is research on tea and its possibility of lowering the incidence of skin cancers plus the ability to aid smokers in recovering and repairing damaged cell structure. No wonder tea has been a traditional part of much of the worlds population for so long. The Ancient Chinese and Tibetens may not have had out modern scientific and medical instruments, but they have a long tradition of health and healing knowledge that we can learn from even today. All in all, Antioxidants are found in many varied foods but seem to be especially notable in foods with dark colors, such as leafy green vegetables, black beans, pumpkins or blueberries, for example. Black tea, green tea, white tea and virtually every other type of tea has antioxidants that can be beneficial to the body by drinking a cup of tea at anytime of the day.

There has also been research done into the types of antioxidants in black tea and green tea, while they both have antioxidants they are different types of antioxidants and are equally healthy for the body and guarding against disease. This of course was not a large surprise in the research as both teas come from different plants and are processed differently.

And although there is no real consensus among health professionals regarding tea people experts believe that green tea tends to be better overall for one's health health and wellness than black tea, even though they are both jam packed with antioxidant power.

There have been some reports (not confirmed by the ultimate authority the Food and Drug Administration) that grean tea is also good for your heart and may even help you lose weight. If you are looking for a sweeter kind of of antioxidant drink you may want to try out goji juice. This Himalayan goji juice features a very balanced polysaccharide profile which is important for your health. Dr. Earl Mendell, PHD, has stated that a good recommended daily dose of goji juice is between one and three ounces, approximately.

He also states that there are no side effects from drinking more than that which are known at this time. Goji Juice comes from the red little berry with is know either as the goji or sometimes the wolf berry, although it's technical scientific name is lycium barbarum.

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